Notice of Fraudulent Employment Offers

Please be advised that fraudulent employment interactions and subsequent fraudulent employment offers are being perpetrated by individuals pretending to be employees or representatives of The Hunt Corporation and/or its affiliates (Hunt Construction Group, Hunt Paving Company, etc.). As part of this fraud, prospective candidates are provided fictitious information about a false employment opportunity and other related false items such as salary and location. Moreover, the individuals perpetrating the fraud will request private information such as personal documents, bank account numbers, immigration information and other information often using our logo fraudulently on the fictitious documents. THIS IS A FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION AND NOT FROM THE HUNT CORPORATION NOR ITS AFFILIATES.

Although online recruiting is indeed often part of our organization’s hiring process, finalists for positions will receive an in-person interview with an authorized managerial member of our organization before any consideration of a genuine employment offer is made. Furthermore, individuals should be aware that genuine emails from our organization will be formatted as such:, or Fictitious email addresses designed to closely resemble the genuine addresses (example of fictitious: are in use; therefore individuals should exercise proper diligence and discernment when receiving such emails. If you receive such a message, you are advised to contact your local law enforcement agency and cooperate with any corresponding investigation through them.