Implementing BIM/VDC can assist greatly in planning and coordinating the work, particularly as it relates to existing conditions, structural details/framing and utility tie-in locations. This powerful tool is used to simulate elements of live construction in advance of work being done in the field. These tools and methods assist the team by providing greater efficiency in our project delivery process, and help us to meet both present and future needs of the client.

Hunt has developed an internal process and implemented the latest BIM/VDC technology to facilitate the timely 3D coordination of construction, 4D animation of our critical path scheduling, 5D dynamic estimating, and 6D management of equipment and controls.

 3D – Coordination/planning of construction

  • Design/construction team collaboration
  • Clash detection for MEP/trade coordination
  • Project visualization and virtual mock ups
  • Prefabrication analysis for cost effective construction

4D – Animation of critical path scheduling

  • Construction planning and management
  • Schedule visualization for effective communication
  • Site planning and logistics to maximize resources

5D – Dynamic estimating

  • Real time cost estimating
  • Establish cost certainty
  • Project credibility and control

6D – Management of equipment and controls

  • Building life cycle management for energy analysis
  • Maintenance repair and operations management
  • “Smart” (intelligent) as-built records for effective management